Contribution Opportunities


There are several ways to contribute to Saltadere that range from buying coffee from the Haiti Committee to sponsoring a student. The major ways include contributions to sponsorships and overall donations. 


Sponsorships can be for students, entire classes, etc. and are used to help supplement the income of the students' families to provide basic necessities for education like books, meals, clean drinking water, etc. These sponsorships are intended to be year round and have several payment options available ranging from monthly payments to annually. 


Donations are more focused on helping the immediate needs in Haiti and have a wider range of options to donate to and have virtually no limit on how much one can contribute to a certain cause. 


100% of donations received are sent directly to Haiti through St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Charlottesville, Virginia and are extremely appreciated by the people there; as well as the people of the Haiti Committee. To fill out a form to sponsor or donate, click on the following button.  




"There is need for infrastructure and supplies in Saltadere, but there is a greater need for the men and women, both young and old to be looked in the eye and heard; to receive a hug or a kiss on the cheek and to know they are loved; to know their hopes, fears, dreams, and realities are important as every part of us is important in the eyes of our God."


-Daniel, UVA class of 2017

From there you can fill out the form which will provide you with the informaiton you will need to complete your donation or sponsorship. 


Thank you for your time and support. With your contributions, we will be able to provide a brighter future to the people of Saltadere.

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